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Our Services 


  • Technical management for oil tankers & other cargo vessels.

  • Health , Safety , Security & Environment Management

  • Planned maintenance system implementation and monitoring.

  • Major machinery overhauling reconditioning.

  • Dry docking and repairs - planning and attendance.

  • 24/7 technical support, including on site attendance.

  • Classification survey attendance.

  • Vessel registration, documentation and certification.

  • Pre-purchase inspections, damage surveys and condition assessments.

  • Emergency Preparedness & Contingency planning

  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of Safety Perfomance

  • Budgeting, budget control, financial forecasts and variance reports.


  • Recruitment and selection of competent and skilled personnel.

  • High retention rate for officers and ratings.

  • Maintenance of personnel records.

  • Performance appraisals.

  • Stringent pre-joining medical check-ups.

  • Efficient travel arrangements with minimal costs.

  • Portage expenditure forecasts, budgeting, variance analysis.

  • In-house training carried out by suitably qualified and experienced senior shore-side personnel and contracted third parties.

  • Targeted training for off-duty vessel and shore personnel.

  • Quality, environmental, safety and security management training for shore staff.

  • Bridge & engine resource management training for senior officers.

  • Frequent on-board training carried out by company superintendents.

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